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The EnerJet™  
Introduces Innovations in the medical-aesthetic field

The EnerJet™ is a clinically-proven dermal remodeling system immediately reverses the visible signs of aging, delivers safe treatments, suitable for all skin types all year round.

Incorporates a unique cutting edge technology, clinically proven for nonsurgical face-lifting, skin regeneration and scar repair. 

  • Needle Free – Jet Injection
  • Penetration diameter in the epidermis – only 200 micron
  • Covered area of each shot in the dermis 1cm2

How does it work?

The Healing Compound is introduced deeply into the dermis by a kinetic jet stream (with no needles).

The Healing Compound combined with the Kinetic Energy creates controlled micro trauma, which stimulate the natural body's Healing response.

This unique approach induces skin remodeling, face-lifting, repair scars and reverse the signs of aging.

The jet disperses into the target zone to cover 1000 times one needle's entry point, resulting with almost no signs on the epidermis (only 200 microns). 

The EnerJet™ is a unique system with advanced technology that delivers immediate and long-lasting aesthetic results without thermal heating or needles.

The EnerJet™ improves skin appearance and reduces signs of aging even in the most delicate areas, such as dorsal hands, décolleté, neck, cheeks, around the eyes, lips, forehead and chin.


Convenient, Minimal Downtime, Fast

A cost-effective, safe and minimal downtime clinical procedure, with only two to three treatments, with almost invisible marks and no bruising or burning.


Jet Volumetric Remodeling

Jet Volumetric Remodeling - JVR is a needle free proprietary technology that simultaneously delivers Kinetic Energy and a Healing Compound enabling a controlled deep injury profile effect for the remodeling of the dermis.

This combined effect of a controlled micro-trauma and a Healing Compound induces dermal regeneration of the skin. Hyaluronic Acid molecules absorb water for rapid skin healing modification and result in an immediate visible improvement.

The long lasting healing process based on the uniqe trauma promotes collagen generation, creating thicker tissue, replacing skin imperfections for long-lasting, healthy aesthetic improvements.

JVR technology accurately delivers Kinetic Energy and a Healing Compound, via a small entry point in the epidermis (up to 200 microns). Once reaching the dermis layer, the jet stream disperses the skin enhancing agent.  This ensures optimal skin coverage, and maximum efficacy of the treatment in the dermis layer.

The high molecular mass of the skin enhancing agent (HA) is accelerated without any needles, rather by the pneumatic jet stream energy. The particles act as "Nano-Bullets", as they disperse in the dermis, creating a deep volumetric injury effect.
The healing process promotes the formation of new collagen. Skin renewal commences, and improves the skin texture for years to come.


As with all other modalities, long term skin renewal may require several treatments before any visibly effect appears. To overcome the time gap, EnerJet's technology has an outstanding quality of creating an immediate and visible effect, which lasts until the long term skin remodeling healing natural effect takes over.



  • Effective dermal remodeling treatment combining Kinetic Energy and Healing Compound.
  • Deeper treatment than any other energy-based devices (up to 6mm).
  • Covers treatment area up to 1,000 times larger than entry point.
  • Needle free, Safe and Quick – clean treatments, No cross contamination.
  • Immediate visible and long lasting results.
  • Hard to treat indications – non-surgical facelift, neck, decolte, hand veins, scar repair including acne stretch marks and keloids.

Nonsurgical Facelift


The growing demand for facial rejuvenation procedures with low risk and minimal downtime has promoted the development of minimally invasive methods such as radiofrequency, lasers, botulinum toxin and ultrasound.

Jet volumetric remodeling (JVR) technology accelerates a carrier fluid jet containing high-mass molecules of HA into the tissue. The HA particles spread laterally within the dermis, and simulate fibroblasts to promote the formation of new collagen fibers by accelerating the wound-Healing process as well as increasing skin thickness.

The results include a visible improvement in jaw-line contour, midface profile, and nasolabial folds after treatment. Furthermore, clinical studies illustrate an increase in measured vertical brow height as well as an improvement in skin parameters (laxity, wrinkles, clarity, pore size).

Radiofrequency and laser devices are able to induce collagen remodeling and new collagen formation, due to thermal stimulation with a dermal wound Healing response. Dermal fillers, such as HA, also induce neocollagenesis.

The EnerJet system combines the benefits of HA injections with those of mild dermal wound healing. The needleless pneumatic delivery of the HA causes controlled dermal trauma and allows to treat extended areas of skin quickly and efficiently.

This pneumatic injection technique may be superior to the heat-induced ones by the virtue of stimuli application to the subcutaneous tissues, including the SMAS and temporal fascia, and thereby inducing an optimal face lifting effect.

The EnerJet system is a unique, non-invasive method of obtaining moderate facial rejuvenation in the appropriately selected patient with minimal risk and no patient downtime. Results can be seen immediately, and as long as 12 months after the treatment. 



Scars Repair

The controlled micro-trauma induced by the JVR technology breaks the scar tissue from the inside and release the deep attachments of the scars to underlying structures. 

Acne Scars

EnerJet offers a treatment modality that enables treatment of all scar subtypes, all skin types, year-round, with minimal downtime.

EnerJet works by high-velocity pneumatic acceleration of high-mass hyaluronic acid particles which penetrates the epidermis through a tiny entry point.

Once the accelerated jet reaches the dermal layer, it spreads laterally, causing a controlled micro-injury to the dermal layer, initiating the wound-healing process, and stimulating neocollagenesis, a favorable secondary effect.

Consequently, the treatment minimizes the scar so that it appears more consistent with the surrounding skin tone and texture.

Keloid Scars

JVR technology pneumatically accelerates jet of hyaluronic acid (HA) to penetrate the epidermis via a small entry point, allowing it to spread laterally in all directions at the level of the dermis.

EnerJet's effective treatments for keloids has several significant advantages include rapid results, a high success rate and limited patient discomfort. 

Stretch marks

 As with other forms of scarring, EnerJet's unique controlled injury profile enables targeting the exact location of the stretch mark and rebuilding the dermis from the inside. The result is a more natural color and texture which diminishes the appearance of the stretch mark.


Clinical Results
Neck line
Acne scar
JVR Lifting
JVR Lifting