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The ALPIUS 900 is an ultrasound-guided HIFU system for the treatment of uterine fibroids, which also incorporates ALPINION’s core technologies, ranging from the diagnostic to the therapeutic.

With its real-time ultrasound imaging and monitoring ability, the ALPIUS 900 offers a new and affordable alternative for the treatment of uterine fibroids. It enables the clinician to carry out safe, accurate, and quick treatments without the risks associated with anesthesia, scarring, or radiation.

The ALPIUS 900 also enhances the clinician’s working practices and satisfaction, not only with its precise ablation results, but also with its streamlined workflow that improves patient throughput.




Operating Monitor

•You can observe the process throughout the treatment, and control the Pre-targeting tool, 3D modeling, and Cavitation monitoring.

Imaging Monitor

•The ALPIUS 900 offers real-time, high definition ultrasound imaging using the latest version in the E-CUBE series.

Positioning Arm

•The flexible positioning arm can move up and down, as well as sliding and rotating.

Treatment Head

•The treatment head contains the HIFU treatment unit and imaging transducer. It can be easily adjusted by hand.

Steel Handle / Wheel

•The ALPIUS 900 is a portable system that can be easily moved without the need for extra equipment.


The ALPIUS 900 maintains a safe temperature and dissolved gas rate using the unique built-in mechanisms Active Cooler™ and EX Degassing™.

It also helps you to monitor the treatment process with Cavitation Monitoring, which captures and displays the noise signal of the acoustic emission.


The ALPIUS 900 offers real-time, non-interference, high-quality ultrasound imaging throughout the whole treatment process.

Also, using the ALPIUS 900’s cutting-edge software, pre-targeting tool, and 3D modeling, the operator can create a more accurate treatment plan.


On average, it only takes one hour to treat uterine fibroids using the ALPIUS 900. This ensures that the patient can  quickly resume her normal activities.

For the clinician, every step of the system workflow is designed for the ALPIUS 900’s convenient operation, from patient positioning to intuitive controlling.


The ALPIUS 900 is an all-in-one system, meaning that there is no need to attach extra devices. Everything needed for an HIFU treatment is built in to the ALPIUS 900. Furthermore, with the clinician and the patient next to each other in the same room, the clinician can take better, more reassuring care of the patient throughout the treatment.

Clinical Results