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Keeps joints moving

Individual osteoarthritis therapy


More mobility,
less pain 

Highly significant pain reduction

Marked pain relief for moderate and severe osteoarthritis.

More mobility and a better quality of life thanks to biofermented viscosupplementation which is free from side effects.


Fast-acting and long-lasting effect

Rapid pain relief due to its lubricating and shock- absorbing properties.

Long-lasting treatment success thanks to therapeutic viscosupplementation and continued cartilage stability.


Proven therapeutic success

87% of consultants rate the efficacy of SYNOCROM®  as good or very good.

95% of patients rate the efficacy of SYNOCROM®  therapy as good or very good.



Innovation in the treatment of osteoarthritis

Improved joint stability

The innovative FORTE system is a special, patented cross-linking technology that guarantees optimal rheological and tribological properties of the formulation for viscosupplementation.This generates a stabilised, aqueous solution of entirely three-dimensional, cross-linked sodium hyaluronate,  tailored  for  use in all synovial joints.

Strict safety conditions

CROMA produces the SYNOCROM® product range with high-quality hyaluronic acid and below the officially endorsed safety parameters listed in the European Pharmacopoeia. CROMA thus guarantees above-average product safety and quality in raw materials with the following thresholds:

  • Chlorides  <= 0.3%               (Ph. Eur. threshold: <= 0.5%)
  • Bioburden   <= 10 CFU/g     (Ph. Eur. threshold: <= 100 CFU/g)
  • Endotoxins  < 0.016 IU/mg   (Ph. Eur. threshold: 0.05 IU/mg)

SYNOCROM®  - Portfolio

With SYNOCROM®  you have at your disposal a comprehensive product range for a variety of applications in the treatment of osteoarthritis.